Most Popular Real Estate Investing Articles for 2014

Most Popular Real Estate Investing Articles for 2014

As 2014 draws rapidly to a close the past year’s real estate investing articles become readily available for reference. Because society as a whole provides us with an honest determination of what materials are most beneficial and capture one’s interest quickly, more mainstream investing articles which cover the more irrelevant topics prove to be nothing more than distractions from the most powerful articles available. Below is a list of articles pertaining to real estate investing which have proved to not only be the most popular pieces this past year, but also the most profitable. Thanks to for the great resources!

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1st Place: Real Estate as the best long-term Investment in 2014

Numerous studies and surveys have shown that Americans simply prefer to invest in real estate than any other investment platform, particularly when interest rates are favorably low. 2014 has proven to be quite a bullish year for those investing in real estate. Reference the following top articles:

5 Reasons Real Estate Is, Once Again, a Prudent Investment By Brenton Hayden (3535 shares)

Millionaires See Real Estate as Top Investment for 2014 By Margaret Collins (8044 shares)

Gallup Poll: Real Estate Best Long Term Investment By The KCM Crew (3437 shares)

Billionaire Says Real Estate is Best Investment Possible By The KCM Crew (6376 shares)

Americans Sold on Real Estate as Best Long-Term Investment By Gallup, Inc. (3873 shares)

2nd Place:

Many looks hard at geographical location over all else when considering any real estate investment. If you are someone who has their heart set on properties in specific locales you will find value in the following pieces:

The 10 Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate in 2014 By Donny Gamble (6100 shares)

Best place to invest in real estate? Dubai By Robert Frank (3046 shares)

Top 10 international places to invest in real estate By IlyceGlink (1709 shares)

These cities are rising real estate stars By Katy Barnato (1690 shares)

B.C. Real Estate: Best Cities To Invest In By The Huffington Post B.C. (1402 shares)

Grosvenor ranks Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary the world’s top cities for long-term real estate investment By Pamela Heaven (1357 shares)

NRI Investments in India’s Real Estate Market to Surge by 35% By Purba Das (1239 shares)

Pittsburgh among world’s best long-term real estate investments By Mark Belko (1370 shares)

3rd Place:

When it comes to getting yourself started in real estate investing,  you need to seek out wise guidance and take advantage of it. The articles below share information regarding real estate startups and discuss how technology will benefit the industry in the years to come.

Google to invest $50 million in real estate site By Diana Olick (1266 shares)

Who Will Step Up and Disrupt the Real Estate Industry? By Brenton Hayden (6898 shares)

4th Place:

Everyone can use fresh tips regarding investment interests, particularly in the real estate realm. Here is some suggested reading which covers the last year plus future trends:

Tip:Invest in Real Estate while still in your 30s By NehaPathaniaKashyap (1220 shares)

Tips For Successful Real Estate Investing From HGTV’s Scott McGillivray By Robert Laura (3500 shares)

101 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Real Estate Investing By Seth Williams (1266 shares)

10 tips for first time real estate investors By Mark Weislede(1913 shares)

5th Place:

Attention Warren Buffet fans: If you look to this man for investing advice or listen closely to anything he says the following articles are ‘must-reads’ for you:

Warren Buffett Reveals His Secrets for Investing in Real Estate By Brian Lund (1213 shares)

Buffett’s annual letter: What you can learn from my real estate investments In Fortune magazine(1479 shares)

6th Place:

China’s real estate investors not only have power in the market, they seem to have a natural knack and 2014 has really proven to be their year to make money in real estate. See what you can glean from these pieces:

Chinese buyers to invest $44b in Australian real estate By Michael Janda (1071 shares)

The Top 10 U.S. States Where Chinese Are Investing in Real Estate By The Wall Street Journal (1453 shares)

A wide number of other articles which have had dramatic effects on investors in the real estate market, improving their portfolios incredibly, and each and every one of those articles are available to you as well. Many cover the topic of timing when considering potential real estate investments. Others discuss the current and potential future effects of technology in the world of real estate investing while others provide investors with tips, guidance, and a plethora of teaching and advice regarding real estate investing and the various ins and outs one may encounter. You can also find a variety of great content which covers the current state of the market in general, as well as articles and blogs filled with related opinions, both from amateurs and veterans of real estate investing.

Begin to absorb all the information you can be checking out all the above articles, and many others, have to offer. You will gain a wealth of knowledge and a free education that money simply cannot buy. Improve your profits and your future outlook by taking reading up on real estate investing today!

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