Micro apartments in NYC: a Trend or a Flop?

Micro apartments in NYC: a Trend or a Flop?

Micro-apartments are the newest living spaces in New York to cater for those who have need for living spaces. Single living is growing as people are marrying later, divorcing early or not marrying at all. Beside the old lot are living longer and it is easier for them to manage tinier homes. Of course the exorbitant home rentals in New York leave people with no choice but to live in these small, even miniscule places.

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Nice things they say come in small packages, small is beautiful are really good slogans provided you are not claustrophobic. However, if your shoebox of a home is well designed and the rentals are affordable you could still find living inside them a pleasure. Though most people cannot stop talking about how small their living spaces are going to become; micro-apartments might soon become a part of the landscape in New York. The rentals for these are likely to vary from $2000 to $3000 depending on what amenities the developers have packed into the 260 to 350 square feet apartments.


Micro apartments are being seen as a solution to New York’s affordability crisis, but human beings can’t really live as though they are trapped in a single box. They are used to open spaces, to light and to air. Are micro-apartments going to be fun to live in or are they going to be places that let you survive in New York. Some say that these spaces provide comfort, if minimalist, living and there are many common spaces where you could feel you are living life and not just existing. Besides this, developers ingeniously designed small spaces to maximize space so New York dwellers could enjoy living in micro-apartments. Recently it was also announced that he “micro unit” revolution is coming to Queens, as new residences under construction in Long Island City will be the first instance of the small apartments hitting the market in the borough.

Some developers have given the micro-apartments their best shot. They have made 10 foot ceilings and large windows and a Juliet balcony so you don’t feel you are living inside a tunnel. They try to have innovative space saving details so that you get the feeling of living in a bigger space. They provide a well equipped kitchen complete with refrigerator, dishwasher and gas. If the spaces have been divided discretely for eating, bathing, working, living and sleeping you can still call it home and like living there. However, climbing everyday into the loft bedroom, or folding the bed into a wall can’t be fun routinely. The Micro- apartments that have closets and storage space and huge built in drawers remain clutter free, but what if these amenities are missing?

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