Hudson Yards – Current News

Hudson Yards – Current News

It has been said that thoughts often get translated into ideas and plans and the reality follows when those plans are executed. The Hudson Yards transformation ideas are slowly turning into a reality and the complete transformation will be visible by 2024.The Massive Hudson Yards Project comprising: high rise, residences, shopping arcades, public spaces and state of the art offices, a public school, fine dining facilities and a much to look forward to cultural center kick started in 2014.

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Of subways and walkways

According to the latest reports hectic construction activity is presently underway at Manhattan’s West Side, where the Eastern Rail Yards are being changed into a brand new neighborhood that is situated between Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen. The massive private real estate construction that is in progress is being slated as the largest construction project in the history of the United States. Once complete, New Yorkers will see the Hudson Yards completely transformed into a whole new neighborhood with at least 17 million square feet of real estate that include 14 towers. The new number 7 subway on 34th Street is about to be completed and the station will likely be operational in April or July. Major changes on the West Side began with the construction of The High Line, an elevated public park, which runs from Gansevoort Street to the Jacob Javits Center. It is adjacent to the new subway and is in full progress and will connect to Hudson Yards Plaza. About one third of the High Line is on Hudson’s Yard and includes a children’s park and offers an elevated view of the ongoing construction activities. Two platforms constructions are in progress for the Hudson Rail Yard. The exercise is doubly remarkable because it involves building atop a rail yard below which run 30 functional rail tracks that lead to Penn Station. No rail traffic has been stopped to get the two rail platforms going one on the East and the other on the West Rail Yard. The first job was to drill caissons between existing railroad tracks and now that that is complete the platforms are being built. One would be complete by October 2015 and the other in 2016.

Towering tall

Presently a number of towers are undergoing construction. The 10 Hudson Yards office tower at the northwest corner of 30th St. and 10th Ave is constructed to 27 stories and has another 25 to go before the 895 ft. tall building is complete. With a Fairway market on the ground floor the building will be connected directly to the High Line through a 60 foot public passageway. On 30 Hudson Yards you can see coming up the 2.6-million-square-foot commercial tower, which is going to house the Neiman Marcus three-level New York store. Time Warner had already shown their keen interest in Hudson Yards having sold their Center in Columbus Circle to Related and are waiting to move in the moment construction is complete. Another interesting piece of construction coming up here is the 92 storey tower, which will be New York City’s fourth-tallest building and will have the highest observation deck. Mitsui Fudosan American, Japan’s largest real estate, is undertaking to construct the 51 story tower at 55 Hudson Yards. The advantageous position that this tower will hold cannot go unnoticed positioned as it will be at 33rd St. and 11th Ave. Here the High Line will meet Hudson Park & Boulevard and the new No. 7 subway extension and will open directly into the park. Besides the office and commercial spaces what’s also coming up are residential towers. Adjacent to the High Line on 15 Hudson Yards at the northeast corner of 30th St. and 11th Ave, can be seen the beginning of the 70 storey residential tapered tower that will house 385 residences. In December last the caissons were drilled in. Residents here will be connected to the upcoming and highly anticipated cultural performance space. Coming up on 35 Hudson Yards is another residential tower meant for mixed and residential use and will sell about 100 residences. The commercial tower at 50 Hudson Yards is yet to begin, as no architect has yet been found for it. Some luxury residential properties are already available at the Abingdon Houses which is a 32-story residential tower on W. 29th St. and just a few minutes of walk away, a similar residential tower is on the anvil on 28th St.

Of Art, Culture and Amenities

The Shops and Restaurants, retail area are on the agenda and will be adjacent to the 10 Hudson Yards tower. The most anticipated construction awaited for is going to be the Culture Center; an indoor and outdoor performance platform. The foundation for the Culture Center has been laid and soon the walls will be visible to passersby. The construction is likely to pick up speed on September 2015. On the horizon is Hudson Yards Public Square; a space for public gatherings, exhibitions and events. This is coming up to the north of the Culture Center and will also have an entry garden at No.7 subway. Guests will be able to reach the upcoming Culture Center from 10 Hudson yards through the High Line. The Whitney Museum is coming up at the High Line’s southernmost entrance and the opening, in May, is likely to see a surge in the footfalls of art lovers as Chelsea’s small art galleries are close by. Though construction is ongoing in a number of sites, but some projects are yet to begin like the 175 room luxury hotel, public school and 75, 000 square foot fitness club.

There is no doubt that Hudson Yards is attracting a lot of interest from the corporate and retail sector. With companies like Coach Inc., L’Oreal USA and SAP in addition to those already mentioned will definitely turn it into a corporate hub. Besides office space Hudson yards development has not overlooked the residential aspect and people who work here could easily plan to live here and walk the High Line to reach their offices.

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