Developments in Riverdale Leave Residents both Happy and Upset

Developments in Riverdale Leave Residents both Happy and Upset

Riverdale in the Bronx could be in store for a number of changes soon, both residentially and commercially, some of which residents are none too happy about.

The primary concern is a proposed high-rise – a building that is still in need of a zoning approval. “It would be a disaster for this neighborhood,” Broadway Community Alliance member Kevin O’Reilly tells News 12 The Bronx.

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© News 12 The Bronx

© News 12 The Bronx

The building’s developers want to build it just south of the Henry Hudson Parkway between Post Road and Broadway, with the structure containing 120 residential units, as well as medical space. Some parts of the building would be nine stories, others 11 stores. “The way I’m most affected by it, I’ll have nine stories towering over my backyard, basically being a total eclipse of the sun,” O’Reilly says.

He also adds that the building will make Riverdale’s parking situation even worse than it already is: “The parking problem will become absolutely unbearable.”

But it is not all bad news for those in Riverdale. Construction has officially started on a 24,000 square foot strip mall that locals have been campaigning for over the past few years.

Community board leaders says the project is supposed to be finished in the latter half of 2016, and its tenants will join the like of Staples, BJs, and TJ Maxx – all three of which are already in the area.

Further Commercial Development in Riverdale, NY

Broadway Plaza © REW Online

Broadway Plaza © REW Online

The majority of commercial development near Riverdale centers around two projects, the first of which is Broadway Plaza. The Broadway Plaza is a 133,000 square foot shopping center just east of Riverdale in Kingsbridge. The developer, Equity One, invested more than $50 million in the project, and some of the tenants right now include TJ Maxx, Sports Authority, and Party City. Kyle Kimball, the president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, is on record saying: “Broadway Plaza brings 200 local jobs and millions in private investment to the Kingsbridge and Riverdale sections of the Bronx, activating an underutilized site and giving the community the commercial options that have long been envisioned.

Riverdale Crossing © KRVCDC

Riverdale Crossing © KRVCDC

The second major retail development near the area is Riverdale Cross, which is just a short distance away from Broadway Plaza. The 162,000 square foot project features a BJ’s Wholesale Clup, as well as a Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Smashburger.

Residential Development in Riverdale, NY

Residential developments in Riverdale are scarce. An OLR search, for example, does not find any projects that are currently in progress. There are, however, plans for new luxury housing units to go up in the area. The building will be constructed where Montefiore Medical Center previously had plans to open a new ambulatory facility. Montefiore faced harsh public backlash against its project from people who argues it was unnecessary and would create a traffic nightmare. Montefiore decided to give up on its plans for a new medical center in March 2015, and in its place will go the 14-story, 48-unit luxury housing complex.


Most people associate “transportation” with “accessibility into Manhattan” and assume that the two phrases are synonymous. If entry into Manhattan is one’s only criteria, then Riverdale does not offer the most convenient options compared to other neighborhoods in New York City. The 1 train runs along the southeastern part of Riverdale, making its final stop at Van Cortlandt Park – 242nd Street. Riverdale residents can also use the Metro-North Hudson Line, with stations at West 254th Street right along the Hudson River and at the southernmost point in Spuyten Duyvil right underneath the Henry Hudson Bridge.

There are, however, other public transportation options if one would prefer not to travel by train. There are 10 New York City Bus lines that stop in Riverdale, including the BxM1, BxM2, BxM3, and BxM18 routes.

Mable Ivory of Luxor Homes & Investment Realty says that the busses in Riverdale are some of the best in the city because they seemingly run all the time. Ivory also argues that Riverdale’s reputation regarding transportation gets a bad rap because people unfairly assume commuting anywhere is too much of a pain. She encourages a potential commuter to at least try it, saying: “The quality of transportation in Riverdale is excellent.”

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