8 Reasons Why Your Apartment Is Still On The Market

8 Reasons Why Your Apartment Is Still On The Market

Have you had your apartment on the market for a long time, and there has been no new or meaningful activity on it? Have you been worried about why nobody seems to have any interest? You may be becoming desperate to find a buyer, as it may be the only way that you can buy a new home or apartment. But what can you do to garner more attention to your apartment? In order to help maximize the power of your apartment listing, you should try and see if you are making these 8 most common reasons your apartment is still on the market.

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PricingCorrect pricing

In the market today, it is often lauded as a seller’s market, with you having a great portion of control over the entire process. However, that does not mean that you should take this too seriously. You must keep the price you set your apartment at in a reasonable range when compared to comps around your neighborhood, and current market trends. If you price too high, then you will run the risk of alienating buyers and pushing them to find other homes and apartments for sale, rather than going to yours.

Poor Presentation

One of the best ways that you will get attention on your listing, is the way that it is presented to the public. If you do not have open houses, and only run off of private appointments, you will be cutting off a large portion of your possible market. You may be cutting off the person who will buy your apartment, and not even know it. Your apartment should have curb appeal, and should look as good as possible the moment that a potential buyer pulls up to your apartment. If it is dirty, old looking, shabby, or damaged, then buyers will find somewhere else to go. It must look clean, crisp, and as new as is possible if it is to attract any potential buyers.


One of the easiest ways to scare away possible buyers, is to present yourself as inflexible. You must be able to change a multitude of things, from your listing strategy to your negotiating prices. You cannot stick to one strategy and never change it, especially if it is not working. You must also be willing to negotiate the price of your home. While it is not wise to alter the price of the listing price of your apartment, you will need to become more flexible when it comes to changing the price that buyers will pay. Buyers who realize that you will not change the price, even a little, will be much less willing to work with you.

Wrong AgentThe wrong agent

Having the right agent can often be the determining factor in whether or not your apartment can sell or not. If you try to go it alone, and sell it yourself, you will often find that you get played by the other real estate agent, who knows more about the trade than you do. You will often find yourself way in over your head if you decide to be the one selling your apartment. The right agent will be able to know the market well, and have excellent communication skills. They should be able to know the specific market of your neighborhood as well as the general market as a whole.

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