5 Must-Read Real Estate Articles of The Past Week

5 Must-Read Real Estate Articles of The Past Week

There are so many real estate articles out there — and so little time! For busy investors looking to take a quick reading break, look no further than our list of recommended reading for the week. From advice and investment tips to market reviews, we’re highlighting the stuff that really worth your time.

So sit back, and take a break. These were the 5 Must-Read Real Estate Articles of The Past Week:

The Housing Market Still Isn’t Rational

By Robert Shiller via The New York Times

Robert ShillerHome prices have been climbing. They have risen 27 percent nationally since 2012, even more in places like San Francisco. But why worry? If you accept the efficient markets theory — and believe that real estate is an efficient market — then these prices are based on “new information,” even if you don’t know what that information is. The problem with this kind of thinking is that the efficient markets theory is at best a half-truth, as a voluminous literature on market anomalies shows. What’s more, even that half-truth is grounded mainly in the stock market, which attracts professional investors who sometimes do make the market behave efficiently…

3 Reasons Why It’s a Great Time for Sellers

Via Realtor Mag

For SaleRising home prices, demand from home buyers, and less competition is making 2015 a stellar year to sell for many U.S. home owners across the country, says Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac’s vice president. Blomquist points to these three factors behind why this year is shaping up more favorably for sellers…


Can crowdfunding stabilize Spain’s real estate market?

By Ian Mount via Fortune

SpainIberian property prices are at rock bottom, and now it looks like smaller investors can get in on a big buying opportunity. Last year, Madrid-based entrepreneurs Álvario Luna and Tono Brusola decided to put together a small investment fund to take advantage of Spain’s bedraggled real estate market. After the Spanish real estate bubble popped in 2008, prices declined more than 40%, according to the real estate portal Fotocasa. Then last year prices began to level, and it looked like time to follow the classic advice and invest at the bottom.


Homeownership rate drops to 63.4%, lowest since 1967

By Diana Olick via CNBC

Downard ArrowThe U.S. homeownership rate fell to 63.4 percent in the second quarter of 2015, according to the U.S. Census. That is down from 63.7 percent in the first quarter and from 64.7 percent in the same quarter of 2014. It marks the lowest homeownership rate since 1967. Homeownership peaked at 69.2 percent at the end of 2004, when the housing market was in the midst of an epic boom. The 50-year average is 65.3 percent.


Real estate investors might be fleeing other markets, but they’re still flocking to Philly

By Daren Blomquist via Inman.com

PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia is no Las Vegas, but when it comes to real estate investing, the City of Brotherly Love is giving Sin City a run for its money. “The investor market has just been incredibly hot in Philadelphia,” said Vince D’Agostino, a shareholder at Foundation Title, which has 14 offices throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. D’Agostino said teardowns are common as neighborhoods gentrify. “Some up-and-coming neighborhoods you have some impressive condos (being built).”

Did you like these articles? What were your favorite articles this week?

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