5-Must-Read Real Estate Articles Of The Past Week

5-Must-Read Real Estate Articles Of The Past Week

There are so many real estate articles out there — and so little time! For busy investors looking to take a quick reading break, look no further than our list of recommended reading for the week. From advice and investment tips to market reviews, we’re highlighting the stuff that’s really worth your time.

So sit back, and take a break. These were the 5 Must-Read Real Estate Articles of The Past Week:

Perfect Storm Provides Financial Boon to Options Traders: Real Estate & Stock Owners Require Patience

By Fred Oltarsh via Forbesforbes

In the last several weeks traders of OPTIONS contracts have been able to reap the rewards of between 10 to 30 times their investments in a matter of days. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but financial remuneration because of the allocation of capital in certain Call Options. While there may have been numerous examples of such a dramatic growth in wealth due to market timing and circumstances, the two examples that are obvious are Call Options associated with LinkedIn Stock, which due to an extraordinary move, appreciated 3000% after Microsoft’s announcement of a take-over.

Chinese Buyers Look Again at U.K. Property

By Wei gu via The Wall Street Journal the wall street journal

As turmoil continues to grip U.K. markets, some in China are starting to look at the British market for potential bargains. Zhu Mei, a wealthy investor from Shenzhen in the country’s southeast, has been looking to buy a home in Japan for a while. But after Friday’s surprise referendum result sent the pound plunging and the yen—a haven currency—soaring, she is having second thoughts.

A Look At How Tech Changing Real Estate Market

By Anna Johansson via Tech.Cotech

Most of the time, when you hear about the latest technology in any given industry, you hear a lot of praise. Everything from gadgets to software can help improve the way we do business, but not every piece of tech has a positive influence. Sometimes, technology that seems to improve things can be a disaster in the end. The current state of technology in the real estate market is the perfect example. There are hundreds of ways that technology makes it easier to sell homes and gain clients. However, there are also a few ways that it creates confusion.

Brexit! Everyone panic! (except New York)

By Konrad Putzier via The Real Deal

brexitThe morning after Britain’s shock vote to leave the European Union, global markets are in freefall, with some economists already predicting a new global recession. But this worst-case scenario for Europe may actually work out in favor of the New York real estate industry – with one big caveat. Here’s what New York City can expect.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale attracting developers, boomers and millennials

By James Teeplevia The Real Deal – Miamimiami

The vacant lots, old warehouses and dilapidated housing that have long characterized much of urban Fort Lauderdale are disappearing quickly. Revitalization of the area known as Flagler Village, west of U.S. 1 and sandwiched between Broward Boulevard and Sunrise Boulevard, got started a few years ago with FAT Village, (Flagler Arts and Technology), a strip of old warehouses that has been converted into galleries, performance spaces and hip businesses that cater to millennials.


Did you like these articles? What were your favorite articles this week?

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